500 internal server error PHP

There are several ways to occur 500 Internal server Error. Sometimes we can not assess why does it comes? Then First need is to check Error Logs from the server...

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PHP Internal Server Error Htaccess

PHP trim only the exact string with example

In PHP, trim(), rtrim() and ltrim() functions with character_mask that trim characters in all the possibilities ways of prefix. $my_text = 'Reading RBI books on travel is a best policy.'; #rtrim($string,..

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PHP Trim

Jquery Preload Images script with example

In web pages, Loading Images are slow down the page speed. At the time, using Slideshows or Hide and show of images will take time to load after clicking Next..

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Jquery Javascript

PHP mkdir permission denied Ubuntu Linux

Permission denied issue mostly come in two cases, In first case, check the directory which you want to access have write permission To check, cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/parent-dir/ ls -al For image-dir directory..

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PHP Apache Ubuntu Linux

PHP Clean URL function script

This is simple function to make clean urls. It supports english and other UTF-8 language characters(like tamil, hindi, arabic..) in the urls. Using preg_replace to remove special characters in the..

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PHP Thumbnail Image creation Script with Example

Here, we are using imagecopyresampled to resize the image. It will resize with smoothing of image in less CPU usage. And it results better than imagecopyresized, Following working example..

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PHP Files Images

PHP Array Merge with preserve keys

Here are two arrays, use UNION array operator to merge $array1 and $array2 with preserve keys and no transformation of keys and values. $array1 = array( 1..

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PHP Array Array Merge

PHP Associative Array to slice or get first n elements and preserve keys

From an array, want to get first 5 elements with keys preserved. The array_slice() with 2nd and 3rd parameter will limit the array to get first 5 elements. $array =..

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PHP Array Array Slice

PHP Image or Video duplicate check with MySQL

It is easier to check duplicate or changed file like images, videos, text files and so on. Syntax $sha_hash = sha1_file(file_path); sha1_file() is using the US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 it..

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Set Netbeans as Default IDE in Linux Ubuntu

Step 1: Open terminal and goto the following directory, cd /usr/share/applications/  Step 2: Find and list netbeans.desktop file ls -al | grep netbeans Step 3: Open and Edit netbeans.desktop file and Just..

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Ubuntu Linux Netbeans