HTML Button works like a Link or Anchor tag

There are many type of solutions, but the best found is, <button type="reset" onclick="location.href=' </button> this works well rather then type="submit" in this case. Because, If you are..

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Jquery Error Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated

This error will get in the following case, Jquery ajax returns HTML content. synchronous XMLHttpRequests by setting Jquery request as <b>async:false</b> To fix it, set <b>async:true</b> or just remove async part in Jque..

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Jquery Javascript AJAX

Proper way to Redirect 404 in PHP

Developers or SEOs handling 404 redirection by many ways. The proper way is to include the 404-error page and send 404 status code. Then, stop further code execution by exit or die functions...

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PHP 404 Redirection

MySQL If Else condition in Select

IF Else condition in query is quite interesting and it is very useful in some cases. It reduces two queries to single one. Syntax IF(Statement, TRUE block, FALSE block) It works like usual If Else condition..

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MySQL If Else condition in Where clause

If Else is slightly similar to OR condition in MySQL. But, here it checks the Statement and go to TRUE Block or FALSE Block. Syntax WHERE IF(Statement, TRUE block, FALSE block) Example Here is the..

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MySQL Increment value by N

This is a simple query to increment row value in MySQL. And this eliminates the need of code in php or other server side scripts. Syntax UPDATE tablename SET column_name=column_name + N where clause..

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