MySQL Multiple timestamp column with CURRENTTIMESTAMP in One table

From MySQL version 5.6.+ allow to add multiple timestamp datatype column and can set Default as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
Previous versions of MySQL allow to add multiple timestamp datatype column but NOT ALLOW to set Default as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

To over come this, insert CURRENT TIMESTAMP from code.

$current_timestamp = get_current_timestamp();
$query = "insert into table set added_time='$current_timestamp', modified_time='$current_timestamp'";

#Get timestamp function..
function get_current_timestamp(){
    #update current time to post share on the lastest..
    return date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

In table, set CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for a column and Insert current_timestamp from query for another column.

MySQL PHP Posted on 2016-06-14 06:51:05