HTML input type File like Button CSS with example

When using input type="file" for upload option in web pages we come across there is a raw Browse button with text near "No file selected". In well designed form it..

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HTML input type file accept only Image or other specific file types

When uploading a file from our machine, we browse to the files which shows all files of all file types in the opened directory. It makes tedious to find our..

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HTML Files

PHP Thumbnail Image creation Script with Example

Here, we are using imagecopyresampled to resize the image. It will resize with smoothing of image in less CPU usage. And it results better than imagecopyresized, Following working example..

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PHP Files Images

PHP Image or Video duplicate check with MySQL

It is easier to check duplicate or changed file like images, videos, text files and so on. Syntax $sha_hash = sha1_file(file_path); sha1_file() is using the US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 it..

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