JQuery AJAX post JSON data to PHP with example script

Mostly JQuery receives response from the server as JSON data formate from PHP. But some times we need to send bunch of data to the server. For that this..

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PHP Jquery Javascript JSON AJAX

Cross Origin Request Blocked CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Origin missing

Cross-Origin Request Blocked error occurs on when a request sent from a domain(Domain-A) to an another domain(Domain-B). Domian-B need access authorisation to allow Domian-A. So Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) header is added at the top..

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PHP remove Emojis or 4 byte characters

Emojis or BMP character have more than three bytes and maximum of four bytes per character. To store this type of characters, UTF8mb4 character set is needed in MySQL. And it is available only in..

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PHP UTF8mb4 Emojis

MySQL Multiple timestamp column with CURRENTTIMESTAMP in One table

From MySQL version 5.6.+ allow to add multiple timestamp datatype column and can set Default as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Previous versions of MySQL allow to add multiple timestamp datatype column but NOT..

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PHP Page Views Count Example

Every website or blog is needed page count to show the top visiting pages. It helps visitors to look around the interesting posts and for analysis. Some methods are..

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PHP MySQL Web optimization

500 internal server error PHP

There are several ways to occur 500 Internal server Error. Sometimes we can not assess why does it comes? Then First need is to check Error Logs from the server...

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PHP Internal Server Error Htaccess

PHP trim only the exact string with example

In PHP, trim(), rtrim() and ltrim() functions with character_mask that trim characters in all the possibilities ways of prefix. $my_text = 'Reading RBI books on travel is a best policy.'; #rtrim($string,..

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PHP Trim

PHP mkdir permission denied Ubuntu Linux

Permission denied issue mostly come in two cases, In first case, check the directory which you want to access have write permission To check, cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/parent-dir/ ls -al For image-dir directory..

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PHP Apache Ubuntu Linux

PHP Clean URL function script

This is simple function to make clean urls. It supports english and other UTF-8 language characters(like tamil, hindi, arabic..) in the urls. Using preg_replace to remove special characters in the..

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PHP Thumbnail Image creation Script with Example

Here, we are using imagecopyresampled to resize the image. It will resize with smoothing of image in less CPU usage. And it results better than imagecopyresized, Following working example..

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PHP Files Images