Vimperator Hide Navigation bar in Firefox

To hide Navigation bar on using Vimperator you do not need to install any other Addons.

Temporary Hide

Use the following command to hide Navigation bar in browser, and this preference will be Absent after restarting the browser.

:set gui=nonavigation

Permanent Hide

You have to store your preferences in the file .vimperatorrc to get load on Browser start up. At first, you have to create the file and name as .vimperatorrc without any extention in the following paths.

For Linux

/home/[your user name]/.vimperatorrc
For Windows
Windows XP C:Documents and Settings[your user name].vimperatorrc
Other Versions C:Users[your user name].vimperatorrc

No extra permission is needed. Then, open the file and write :set gui=nonavigation and other needed preference.

Vimperator Firefox Linux Windows Posted on 2016-06-19 07:47:08