Vimperator to open all Bookmarks of a folder

It is interesting to use Vimperator in Firefox especially for Linux users. Simply, It saves time and speeds up our work.
To open all Bookmarks from a folder use the following command,

:bmarks! -folder folder_name

Likewise, To open all Bookmarks from other options like tag or keyword or title use the following commands,

:bmarks! -tag tag_name
:bmarks! -keyword keyword_name
:bmarks! -title title_name

Before that, if you want to add bookmaks using vimperator.
Goto the page and Use this command. Likewise for other options too.

:bmark -folder folder_name

Note: Vimperator Add-on must installed and enabled in your Browser.

Vimperator Firefox Linux Posted on 2016-06-19 07:37:37